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Selasa, 13 Januari 2015

How can I not love them? I love this place, especially their staff, very kind. When I arrived in this cafe, they ask me "Do you already know our pies? Let me explain to you.. We have twelve pies... Bla bla...", Can you imagine if anyone just like me, going there for the first time, how many times they will explain it? Hihihi.. 
the place :) 
the twelve pies they have
Well, windowsill pies is on my place to visit list. Nestled in Jalan Besar, the cafe's called Windowsill in the wood. The place is very cozy and has a seasonal interior. They have twelve pies, you can see the name of that in my photos.

Don't ask me, is it good or not, because it's perfect. I ordered Banana Almond Brittle and a cup of coffee, fresh! Brighten up my morning and suddenly makes me happy.

This is little heaven in the morning
Moreover, I sat near the window, and got a great photos! While I'm enjoying my pie, Mr Wayan Tresna took a photo of me. :) Well, when you have a chance to go there, please do. You'll never regret it. All photo by me, exclude the last one, that I'm on it! :) Hope you enjoy my post! 

Enjoying my pie and coffee :) Love it! 

Windowsill pie in the wood 
78 Horne Road S209078
Closed on Monday
Price $11 / person
ig : @windowsillpies

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